How to find our shuttle at

Los Cabos International Airport

International Terminal # 2 

Step number 1 - IMMIGRATION




Once you arrived at the terminal please proceed towards the luggage area. Before picking up your luggage you will need to go thru immigration; proceed to the tourist's area if you are not a Mexican citizen or resident. 

Please have your passport with you and ready. Once immigration welcomes you to Cabo; you are ready to head toward the luggage are right in front of you and retrieve your luggage.

Step number 3 - CUSTOMS


After you have retrieved your belongings you will have to go thru Customs. The agent will have you press a button to determinate if an inspection is necessary, GREEN means your ready to go. RED you will have to wait for inspection. 

Please keep your passport with you during this time. 

Once you get thru customs you will find 2 areas intended for the time shared sales. We recommend you do not stop when approached. If you do not wish to be bothered you can say: I LIVE HERE, THANK YOU! 


Step number 2 - LUGGAGE


Please proceed to the luggage area and pick up all your belongings. 

Once you make sure everything is with you, on your left side you will find customs.

Note: Sometimes luggage may be lost or take longer than expected; don't worry we will wait for you as long as needed. 

Final Step - MEET & GREET


Finally, you have made it out of the timeshare area! make your right and go outside of the terminal number 2 in hall #1. You can locate me by looking for a sign with your last name and ALLin™ Logo on it.

After we say Hola! We will head to the parking area where our shuttle will be waiting to take us to our office. Once your rental agreement is signed you are now ready to enjoy your beautiful vacation!

Los Cabos Airport

Bodegas de puerto logistico nave 2 lote 7A Col.Las veredas 

San José del Cabo BCS CP 23435


Los Cabos Main Office

Calle Ignacio comonfort Local 4 Col. Centro

San Jose del Cabo BCS

CP 23400